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School Uniform

Children are expected to wear the official school uniform and be both clean and smart.

** new uniform will be phased in and become compulsory in September 2022 for ALL children.  **


  • Plain grey pleated skirt/trousers or shorts
  • Plain grey pleated pinafore (which a shirt and tie can be seen underneath)
  • White shirt
  • Uniform woolen V-neck jumper/cardigans or tank top
  • Red and silver striped tie
  • White or grey socks or grey tights
  • Plain black school shoes
  • Red & white gingham summer dresses in warm weather
  • Uniform red fleeces (can be worn inside in cold weather) or reversible waterproof coats are available if you wish to purchase them.
  • Uniform book bags and PE bags are available to purchase should you wish to

PE and Games

  • Uniform PE top
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms
  • Plain red shorts
  • Uniform PE hoodie (weather dependent)
  • Trainers


Little Dragons

  • White polo t-shirt
  • Uniform Little Dragons sweatshirt
  • Plain grey trousers/shorts/skirts or pinafores
  • Black shoes
  • White or grey socks or grey tights

Unsuitable Items

  • Heeled or platform shoes
  • Patterned or tram-lined hairstyles with upstanding tufts or hanging "rats tails"
  • Nail varnish
  • Transfers/temporary tattoos

Mobile phones are not allowed in school


Purely as a safety measure, jewellery, apart from watches should not be worn in school.  Earrings must be of the stud type only and these must be removed for swimming lessons.  If children cannot remove the earrings, it is advisable to leave them at home on days known to be swimming days as staff cannot be responsible for their removal.